China Now: Independent Visions in Toronto: Press Release

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China Now: Independent Visions in Toronto

March 10 to April 3, 2016

Chinese indie cinema arrives in Toronto: fresh from our screenings in New York, San Francisco, London, and Tromsø Norway, Cinema on the Edge is pleased to announce a series of screenings in Toronto devoted to bringing the best of recent Chinese independent cinema to Canadian audiences. China Now: Independent Visions is a touring series of films based on Cinema on the Edge’s sensationally successful launch in New York City last summer. From Toronto, the series continues to Montreal, Paris, San Diego, and other venues we will be announcing soon.

We’re thrilled to be partnering with the prestigious TIFF Cinematheque at TIFF Bell Lightbox, and the up-and-coming curatorial space Typology Projects to host our Toronto screenings:

Toronto’s premiere cinema showcase TIFF Cinematheque will be featuring eight vibrant documentaries in its series THE CRISIS OF THE REAL: NEW CHINESE DOCUMENTARIES screening at TIFF Bell Lightbox March 10 to April 1, curated by Cinema On the Edge co-founder Shelly Kraicer. Key works include artist Ai Weiwei’s rousing and disturbing PING’AN YUEQING, Xu Tong’s stunning musical tale CUT OUT THE EYES, and Gu Tao’s stranger-than-fiction LAST MOOSE OF AOLUGUYA. BUY TICKETS HERE


Typology will be presenting, on March 30 and April 3, a set of brilliant new avant-garde films: the beautiful, provocative documentary YUMEN plus 3 groundbreaking animations. BUY TICKETS HERE


In person introductions/Q&As:

March 15: Libbie Cohn (co-director People’s Park)

March 10, 15, 30: curator Shelly Kraicer

China — an irresistible force in culture, economics and politics — is one of the most compellingly fascinating stories today. China Now: Independent Visions celebrates Chinese voices telling China’s stories. These are independent, plural voices speaking the language of cinema: voices of young artists, filmmakers, historians, ethnologists, storytellers, musicians, animators, activists and writers, challenging the art of cinema as they tell their stories in new genre-changing ways.

Full information on the China Now: Independent Visions tour, programming, films, and participating directors is here:

Stills and links to screeners available to media for reviews on request.

Press contact:

Shelly Kraicer


China Now Independent Visions Tour

Toronto, March-April 2016

Montreal, March-April 2016

Paris, April 2016

San Diego, May 2016

Twitter: @skraicer | @CinemaOnTheEdge