Cong Feng


Cong Feng is a poet and filmmaker. Born in 1972 in Chengde, Hebei province, he has worked at the National Satellite Meteorology Centre of China, and was cultural editor for The International Herald Leader. He has also published two volumes of Chinese poetry, and taught English in high school. Since 2008, four of his documentaries have been screened at BIFF, including the epic-length documentary shot at the school where he once taught, The Unfinished History of Life (2010, 240’).

Can a government wipe out the existence of those young women [depicted in Egg and Stone] who have been sexually harassed? Precisely because the government continually seeks to obliterate these sorts of things, we therefore must not sing happy songs and put on a good show. We have to use film to record the existence of that which is obliterated and ignored.

-Huang Ji (Egg and Stone)