Huang Xiang, Xu Ruotao, J.P. Sniadecki

  ∑Ω‹≈ÙHuang Xiang is an avant garde artist and filmmaker, born in 1974 in Guangdong province. He has made two feature films, Roast Chicken (2012) and Gossip (2014). He was one of three artists arrested in Songzhuang in 2011 for “causing a disturbance” by participating in a performance art piece there.





Xu Ruotao is an visual artist and filmmaker, born in 1968 in Shenyang. He began his career at the famous pioneering independent creative community Yuanmingyuan around 1990. His first experimental feature, Rumination (2010), received a special mention at the 2010 Vancouver International Film Festival.




JP_headshotJP Sniadecki is a filmmaker and professor at Northwestern University in Chicago. His documentaries, which include Chaiqian (2008), Foreign Parts (with Verena Paravel, 2010), People’s Park (with Libbie Cohn, 2012), and The Iron Ministry (2014), have won many international awards. His work was featured in a special section of BIFF in 2012.


Can a government wipe out the existence of those young women [depicted in Egg and Stone] who have been sexually harassed? Precisely because the government continually seeks to obliterate these sorts of things, we therefore must not sing happy songs and put on a good show. We have to use film to record the existence of that which is obliterated and ignored.

-Huang Ji (Egg and Stone)