Luo Li


Born in Wuhan, China, Luo Li moved to Canada and obtained his BA and MA degrees in filmmaking at York University, Toronto. His two shorts and four features include I Went to the Zoo the Other Day (2009), Rivers and My Father (2010, Second Prize at the 2010 China Independent Film Festival), Emperor Visits the Hell (2012, Dragons and Tigers Prize, 2012 Vancouver International Film Festival) and Li Wen At East Lake (2014). Li has already been the subject of an (early) career retrospective, at the TIFF Cinematheque (Toronto) in July 2015.


Can a government wipe out the existence of those young women [depicted in Egg and Stone] who have been sexually harassed? Precisely because the government continually seeks to obliterate these sorts of things, we therefore must not sing happy songs and put on a good show. We have to use film to record the existence of that which is obliterated and ignored.

-Huang Ji (Egg and Stone)