Xu Tong

Cut-Out-the-EyesXu Tong was born in 1965 in Beijing, and majored in news photography at the Communications University of China. Based on the outskirts of Beijing, he has made a series of important and prize-winning (and controversial) documentaries focusing on people on the margins of Chinese society: sex workers (Wheat Harvest, 2008 and Shattered, 2011), soothsayers (Fortune Teller, 2009), petty thieves (Fourth Brother, 2011), and wandering performers (Cut Out the Eyes, 2014).

Can a government wipe out the existence of those young women [depicted in Egg and Stone] who have been sexually harassed? Precisely because the government continually seeks to obliterate these sorts of things, we therefore must not sing happy songs and put on a good show. We have to use film to record the existence of that which is obliterated and ignored.

-Huang Ji (Egg and Stone)