Zou Xueping

◊fi—©∆Ω◊˜’fl’’Zou Xueping was born in 1985 in Binzhou, Shandong province, where she returned to shoot two documentaries, including this one. She graduated in 2009 from the China Fine Arts Academy and was a resident artist at Wu Wenguang’s Caochangdi Workstation. In addition to three documentaries, Zou has written a theatre piece Family Opposition (2011), and performed with the Living Dance Studio.

Can a government wipe out the existence of those young women [depicted in Egg and Stone] who have been sexually harassed? Precisely because the government continually seeks to obliterate these sorts of things, we therefore must not sing happy songs and put on a good show. We have to use film to record the existence of that which is obliterated and ignored.

-Huang Ji (Egg and Stone)